Three Word Prayers for Everyday Living: Solve Problems, Deal with Predicaments (Hardback)




Overreacting doesn’t have to define you. Conquer emotions with powerful prayers.

In her debut non-fiction book, author Beth Morrison talks frankly about how prayer helped transform her life. Morrison shares honestly about her struggles with anger and its impact on her relationships. After her husband disclosed he was hesitant to marry her because of her anger, the author prayed for the answer. “Grace, not Anger” became a mantra that started a life-changing journey. Realizing the benefits of exploring, processing, and accepting difficult emotions for herself, Morrison wondered if others might find it helpful as well.

Three Word Prayers offers a way to take control of your emotions by partnering with God. If we don’t control our feelings, they control us. Uncontrollable outbursts damage relationships and can cause irreparable rifts. But the solution to overreacting isn’t to stop feeling. The answer is inviting God into our emotions with prayer. Choosing the right prayer helps us process our feelings, creating healthier relationships with others.

If you want to take control of your emotions instead of letting them control you tap into the power of prayer. Anger becomes grace. Division becomes unity. Hate becomes love. Nothing is more powerful than prayer.


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